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Pet Boarding Rates

Dog boarding rate per night:
VIP Food – $40
Owner’s Food – $41

Cat boarding rate per night:
VIP Food – $30
Owner’s Food – $31

Daycare $35 per day, per dog

Exotics (birds, rabbits, guinea pigs) boarding rate per night $8-10 (varies with type and size of exotic pet)

Multiple pets kenneled together: additional pets discounted $1 per pet per day.

No additional charge to administer medication to your pet (must be labeled with instructions).

Our Recommendations

Bring along:

  • Familiar bedding and toys for your pet to play with and be housed with.
  • Treats for us to give. There is NO ADDITIONAL charge for this.

Please label your food and treats with the instructions on how it’s to be given to your pet.

We do not charge extra for tummy rubs, extra play times, extra attention and love.

We're Easy
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We’re located right off the 198. You can see our facility from the freeway. Click on the map above for driving directions.